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River Cruises Bring You the Beautiful of Europe

There are countries and cities in Europe that can be discovered by river Cruise. River cruises retrace the ancient highways and set a new rhythm for the holiday, offering a new and even romantic point of view to visit the capitals, monuments, nature, marinas or large ports and the river itself.

FranceGermanyAustriaHungaryHolland and Portugal are the countries that you can visit by river cruise. There are also mini-cruises in Italy. The river cruise manages to combine land and water, nature and city, luxury and adventure, relaxation and exploration. It is an unusual journey that meets the taste of travelers of all ages and contemplates all different needs.

It is the perfect tour for art city lovers who want to learn about the history of the most beautiful European cities born on the river bed. You have the opportunity to admire the alternation of the stretches of uncontaminated nature with urban skyline constantly changing as a live documentary.

There is a wide choice of routes and duration of river cruises, which are also well suited for those who would like use an extra day off between two public holidays. And above all, it is a vacation suitable for all seasons.

There is a remarkable growth in maritime cruises in recent years and same trend in the river cruises. Consequently, the offers and the companies increase. In this regard, Taoticket can provide all the necessary information on ships, dates and itineraries.

Life on River cruises

The ships for navigation on the rivers have nothing to envy to the units designed for sea cruises. Indeed, sometimes the smaller dimensions of these boats enhance the luxury and comfort for passengers. River cruises usually offer guests high catering, wellness and spa facilities, a swimming pool, luxury suites, fun and entertainment on board. And lots of little attention, like for example a welcome with champagne, five o’clock tea or the exclusive evening concert. In addition, of course, to the richness of shore excursions.

New Players for River Cruises

As we said, there are several companies offering river cruises in Europe, together with new coming ones. The news about Tui’s entry into this market with three ships starting from summer 2020 in the name of Tui River Cruises just came out a few days ago. Three ships with 155 passengers each will sail for seven nights along the Danube, the Rhine, the Main and the Moselle with the journeys for adults only and 19 routes. Meanwhile, the operator is already studying an expansion of the offer with new destinations.

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