Costa Cruises Increases the Winter Fly & Cruise and Launches the SemprEstate Promo

The Fly & Cruise programming of the CostaCruises winter 2020 will have 121 charter flights from 14 Italian airports and a total of almost 50 thousand seats available. The cruise company is in fact reinforcing the commitment on the flight, which records a + 34% offer compared to 2018. The new SemprEstate promotion is also dedicated to exotic winter destinations, which allows you […]

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Mejor Agencia Web por la venta del ‘Costa Crociere World Tour 2019/2021’

The new session of the Champions of the Sea starts aboard the Costa Favolosa from today until May 19th which will touch Savona, Marseille and Barcelona. As an annual event, it is organized by Costa Cruises dedicated to the best travel agents and partners of the company. There will be around 1,800 guests from over 32 countries around the world, together with the […]

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