Silversea Cruises 2021/22

Silversea cruises open the Sales for 2021-2022

The new Silversea cruise routes for summer 2021 and winter 2021/2022 are now available. The sale of the new travel collection designed by the company’s Destination Team experts is open to the public, offering a brand-new variety, with some unique experiences, such as the possibility of watching the solar eclipse in Antarctica or an immersive cruise in the Holy Land. There are 197 new itineraries of the ultra-luxury cruise line, scheduled from January 2021 to April 2022, with 528 destinations in 92 countries and 28 inaugural ports.

«The 2021 summer trips and 2021/2022 winter ones were designed to offer immersive experiences to travelers, able to satisfy their curiosity, and bring them closer and deeper with the authentic beauty of the world – says Barbara Muckermann, chief marketing officer for Silversea  – The variety of experiences has no precedent, not only for the company but also for the cruise industry».

Silversea Cruises to the Black Sea and the Holy Land

In the new Silversea collection for summer 2021 and winter 2021/22, there is a program for the eastern Mediterranean, which includes trips to the Black Sea, the Holy Land and Istanbul. In summer 2021, Silver Dawn, Silver Moon, Silver Shadow and Silver Spirit will allow you to discover cultures and landscapes of the eastern Mediterranean. Travellers will also visit Nazareth and Jerusalem in Israel for a trip to the Holy Land from August 16, 2021, which also includes Cyprus, Turkey and Greece.

The eclipse in Antarctica aboard two ships of the Silversea fleet

There will be two solar eclipse special trips to Antarctica. On December 4, 2021, a total solar eclipse will paint the sky: Silver Wind and Silver Cloud will be positioned to allow guests to experience this unique show. Onboard the same two ships, cruise passengers will be able to enjoy 21 trips to a total of 41 destinations in Antarctica. Longer cruises will also include South Georgia and the Falkland Islands.

Northern Europe in 30 itineraries

Silversea offers 30 trips in Northern Europe, with four circumnavigations of Iceland and experiences in the Norwegian fjords, for a total of 122 destinations in Northern Europe on Silver Wind, Silver Cloud, Silver Spirit and Silver Whisper. The circumnavigations of Iceland will show the Land of Fire and Ice. In 6 trips, Silver Spirit will take guests to discover more deeply the authentic beauty of the Baltic Sea, with visits to Tallinn and Helsinki and the stopover in St. Petersburg, which includes at least one night in the Russian city.

Formula 1 cruises in Monte Carlo

During the seven-night cruise for the Monte Carlo Grand Prix, guests will be immersed in French and Italian Riviera folklores. Thanks to the one-night stop in Monaco, F1 fans will live the atmosphere of the Principality during the event.

In its 2021 arctic season, Silver Cloud will cross the Northwest Passage on a 24-night journey starting August 21, offering the experiences to its adventurous travelers between Kangerlussuaq (Greenland) and Nome (Alaska). Onboard of Silver Wind the cruise passengers will be in contact with the natural beauty of Svalbard, with the opportunity to spot the polar fauna, discover the deep fjords and admire the snow-capped mountains.

Silversea’s Australia

For the first time ever, in the program of 12 discovery trips to Australia and the South Pacific, Silver Explorer will set sail for the Kimberley coast from June to September 2021, to discover Aboriginal rock art, the geographical features of the region and a wide range of wild animals.

And the proposals do not end there

On September 22, 2021, Silver Dawn will start on its nine-night maiden voyage from Civitavecchia to Venice. It is the sister ship of Silver Muse and Silver Moon, to which it is inspired by its main features. The ship, 596 guests, will be one of the 4 Silversea units operating in the Mediterranean between April and December 2021.

Silver Origin – the first-ever Silversea ship built for a specific destination – will form connections between travelers and the Galapagos archipelago over 38 journeys.

Silver Wind will travel through West Africa, reaching Namibia, Angola, Sao Tome and Principe, Benin, Togo, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Senegal, Cape Verde and Morocco; Silver Whisper will present 36 destinations in Canada and New England, where guests can admire the autumn foliage thanks to seven cruises between 9 and 16 nights; guests can also explore Alaska with Silver Muse and Silver Cloud.

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