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MSC first CO2-neutral cruises company from 2020

Still a few days and MSC – from the first of January – will be the first carbon-neutral company in the world: all the CO2 emission will be offset by high-quality projects based on the Blue Carbon credit.

“Form the very beginning we were concerned about the environmental security of our projects, and now we have one of the most green-friendly fleets– has said Pierfrancesco Vigo, executive chairman of MSC Cruises – Our long term commitment will let us reach in 2024 a reduction of CO2 up to the 29% per passenger/kilometre and in 2030 it will be of the 40% less, compared to 2008 one.”

The company announcement is part of a more wide plan that seeks to fulfil the ONU Sustainable Development Goals and follows some important investments aimed at developing the most advanced environmental technologies.

MSC will balance the CO2 emission with important compensation projects that will be on the company charge.

“We are aware of the today seas environmental technology and we know that it is still not enough to reach the 0 emission target – has added Mr Vago – From the first of January our fleet will not make any negative contributions to climate change. We are a company of more than 300 years of maritime experience and we always have had a particular focus on long term plans, our family-run management is a strong point for us and we will take advantage from it in our lasting designs. For us, this is a new step in our engagement in the seas protections and the respects for the ports and the communities where our ships go. We will work with the main and most popular carbon credit traders to compensate for CO2 emissions. We want to invest in projects that provide benefits for the community, protect the environment and support the United Nations’ sustainable development goals.”

MSC’s goal is to develop a wallet of CO2 emissions compensation that will be englobing projects for the protection and restoration of the ocean and coastal habitats while absorbing more and more CO2.

Since as the Blue Carbon projects are not enough, MSC will create what will be the first carbon credit generated in the oceans with the aim of protecting and improving marine biodiversity and supporting communities that rely on sea resources.

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