Cruises 2020

The Clia cruises’ 2020 year

The cruise industry ended the records year and plans a new rich 2020.

Clia has shown the “2020 State of the Cruise Industry Outlook” highlighting numbers, expectations and trends on cruise business.

The forecast for this year is of 32milions passengers (2 more million than last year).

 19 new ships will debut, for a total of 278 cruise ships in the Clia circuit. 32% of those new ships will be placed in the Caribbean and 17% in the Mediterranean Sea.

Cruises and Sustainability

The Cruise Lines International Association (Clia) – that inside has the most important cruise companies in the world – had pointed out some trends for 2020. First of all, the environmental sustainability, with the development of new and greener technology. Today have been invested 22 billion dollars with the aim to reduce the carbon emission under 40% in 2030 (compared to 2008).

The technology that cruises companies use today would have been unthinkable until ten years ago: the Lng (liquefied natural gas), which makes sulfur emissions practically absent; the Egr system (Exhaust Gas Recirculation); the wastewater treatment; shore power, i.e. the fact that ships are equipped with the ability to turn off engines and receive electricity on land in ports.

Management and care of cruise destinations

With the requests, travellers and destinations rising are rising as well the needs to promote respect for the hosting locations.  And so, the second trend, for Clia is the environmental preservation of the destinations. With locals cooperation, the cruise industry will work on the management of flows, diversified excursions, the enhancement of port infrastructures and the economic contribution that passengers have for the destinations visited.

Other 2020 highlights for cruises

For 2020, Clia esteem that will be increasing the numbers for travellers who will book some nights to stay in the embark or arriving port as plus (a 65% of rising).

The plastic issue will be also a focal point for the tourists too, with a rate of 8 in 10 who recycle. Moreover, the Millennial and the X generation is looking with more interest in cruise trips with an increase between 66% and 71%.

There is also interest towards the single traveller, with accommodation studios, targeted activities and no additional charges. The mini-cruises are becoming more interesting as well, with routes of 3 or 5 days.

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