Italia Travel Awards

Ticketcrociere nominated for the Italia Travel Awards

Ticketcrociere is among the travel companies running for the 2020 edition of Italia Travel Awards, the award born to celebrate the commitment and competence in the Italian tourism sector, based on the preferences of travel agents and travellers.

The event, now in its fifth edition, is the most prestigious and complete award in the travel and tourism sector in Italy, an annual appointment to celebrate the “Oscars” of the Italian tourism industry.

The aim of the Italia Travel Awards is to promote and stimulate expertise in the travel sector – national and international tourism, with an appointment in which absolute protagonists are travel agents and travellers. They will, through a free and transparent voting system, express their preferences for each of the categories in question and thus declare the excellence of the world of tourism in Italy.

Ticketcrociere is a candidate for the Ota category and it is possible to vote for the online travel agency specializing in the cruise sector – both as an agency and as a single traveller – at the following link:

This fifth edition, which will end with the awards ceremony in May, presents three innovations: first of all, the opportunity of self-candidacy; from this year in fact, each company has had the opportunity to apply – from 9 October to 15 December 2019 – for one or more brands by filling in an online form. Voting has been officially opened since 18 December for all tourism companies that have applied for themselves.

The second 2020 new feature is the introduction of a jury of experts who will support travellers and travel agents in the second round of voting to evaluate which companies, among the ten finalists, will access the final shortlist of 5.

The third novelty is the introduction of a second special prize for the best “Luxury experiences”, in addition to the special prize already present for the “Best experience without barriers”.

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