crociere fluviali

River Cruises – a charming holiday for all the seasons

There’s a cruise that links land with water, nature with the urban reality, relaxation with discoveries. That’s the river cruise we’re talking about, the most fascinating way to get to know Europe navigating on rivers on ships equipped with all the comforts you might need.

A river cruise is an original way to travel and also meets the taste of many travelers of any age.

It’s your ideal holiday if you love art cities, history and the liveliness of the most beautiful European cities. It’s for those who love to enjoy natural landscapes and the urban skyline through a slow and pleasant navigation, for those who have travelled a lot in other ways and would like to appreciate Europe from a different perspective. Plus, it’s a good solution for families with children and for those looking for a holiday with the ease and comforts of a cruise but with a continental itinerary.

The routes available are many and in any season of the year, you can even consider it for a short getaway on a bank holiday

Extra-luxury ships for your Cruise on the river

A river cruise is something totally different from an excursion on a ferry, such as those you might have happened to see in many European cities. The ships used for river cruises are similar to the “standard” cruise ships, but are smaller and offer a complete and sophisticated service. Top quality cuisine, luxury cabins and suites, Spa, gyms, pools and entertainment on board, shows and night parties and, of course, the value of visiting amazing itineraries in the heart of the Old Continent on navigable rivers across Europe.

Rivers cruises are an increasing market and the field is expanding with an even more ambitious offer.

Nicko Cruises offers an incredible selection of river cruises in every continent and is about to to standard cruise ships. In 2019 a new ship will be launched, World Explorer, an oceanic ship for 200 passengers. The navigation style will be the same that made this company famous: high-quality architecture and design, excellent cuisine and elegant and informal atmosphere which is actually the essence of contemporary luxury. Less is more, right?

In Spring 2018 SS Beatrice will also take her inaugural cruise, the rich ship part of Uniworld River Cruise Collection. The ship will be totally renovated with Neoclassical stairs, handcrafted works and cutting-edge technology to enhance the experience on board, plus a library and two amazing Royal Suites.


An idea for your next holiday: Christmas markets with a river cruise

December is a suggestive month for a river cruise. Winter landscapes, Christmas lights… the perfect atmosphere for visiting the famous and traditional Christmas markets. Why not taking advantage of December bank holiday or during the Christmas holidays? Browse our Christmas markets deals that include France, Germany, Austria, Hungary and Slovakia and find the one for you.

If you can allow yourself to a 10 nights cruise, Crystal Cruises makes you discover the cities along the Rhine. From Amsterdam, on navigable canals, you reach the Rhine and you sail on it upstream to reach Cologne, Koblenz and Basel in Switzerland with many stopovers that give you the opportunity to get to know Christmas, Middle-European way.

A-Rosa offers 4 to 6 nights itineraries along the Rhine between Germany (Cologne, Mainz, Koblenz) and Alsace, for visiting Strasburg Christmas markets.

With Luftner Cruises you can celebrate Christmas and make a toast on the Danube on 3 to 6 nights cruises. Wien, Linz, Budapest, Bratislava on classic and impeccable ships.

Croisi Europe as well makes you discover the enchanted atmosphere of the Danube in winter and of imperial cities such as Wien and Budapest.


A river cruise? Anytime!

From February to December, Taoticket offers a selection of itineraries with the main river cruise companies.

Why not spending your Spring Break in an unusual way, or surprising your partner with a romantic getaway? Croisi Europe offers 3 to 4 nights mini-cruises in many river cities. You can visit Paris navigating on the Seine, Seville and Cadiz along the Guadalquivir, Venice and the amazing lagoon, Lisbon and Porto on the Douro and Holland on its navigable canals. The schedule gives you enough time to visit the cities from a special perspective.

Looking for something really special? You can even cross the Old Continent with Luftner Cruises in summertime! 5 nations in 14 nights on board, from Amsterdam to Budapest, touching Cologne and Wien, on navigable canals up to Rhine and Danube, discovering the heart of Holland, Germany, Austria, Slovakia and Hungary.