crociere a dubai

Dubai and Middle East – cruises between past and future


If you imagine Dubai as a futuristic metropolis to visit during a flight stopover, a cruise in Middle East leaving from Dubai with calls in Abu Dhabi and Oman will definitely surprise you. All the contrasts and the shades of this territory will simply blow your mind.

Strong traditions live together with innovation and the most extreme experimentation in any field in the capitals. Oasis, deserts and crystalline sea together with historical mosques right beside skyscrapers designed by the most famous architects in the world coexist creating a complete and multifaceted setting. Planning a cruise in Dubai will open new horizons. You’re definitely going to change your mind on many commonplaces about Middle East.

The perfect cruise in Winter

Cruises in Middle East are the protagonists of the cruises between November and March. Your getaway from the short and cold winter days happens to coincide with the warmest season in the Persian Gulf. You can plan your trip during the winter bank holiday, Christmas and New Year’s. Is there a better present than celebrating New Year’s in a dream place?

Winter is the best season to visit these places, as the climate is very warm but temperatures do not reach the summer peaks. You can enjoy the good weather in the city as well as the excursions in the desert. The sea is warm and the thermic excursion between day and night – typical of the semi-desert zones – is not high in this period, so you can totally benefit from the richness that surrounds you.

The basic itinerary – Arab Emirates and Oman in a week

Cruises in Middle East usually leave and arrive in Dubai. Given the importance of the city among the international flight routes, it won’t be difficult to find a good flight to board the ship in time. You have time to visit the city both at the beginning and at the end of the cruise. You can just take a taxi and immerge in the futuristic atmosphere of this city which is developing vertically. Here luxury, architectural excess and shopping-malls coexist with ancient traditions and a deep local culture. Don’t miss out the Creek, the historical area rising on the namesake canal and the souk that reminds the atmosphere of the Thousand and One Nights. Enjoy kilometers of white-sand beaches and visit the Atlantis Aquaventure, the most incredible aqua-park, your kids are going to love it!

Once you’ve left Dubai, another city you cannot miss if you’re on a cruise in Middle East is Muscat, the capital of the Sultanate of Oman. Muscat has a strong traditional culture, whose symbol is its Mosque. Oman is famous for crystalline water, ideal for snorkeling on board of the dhows, the typical local boats and for its fjords overlooking the sea that will impress you when at sea. Another frequent call is Khasab, historical city in Oman with a Portuguese fort, which you can visit on the road to Abu Dhabi, capital of the United Arab Emirates and state capital of the seven Emirates.

According to many travelers, it is more elegant and regal than Dubai. You can have a walk on the promenade along the white-sand beaches which is more than 6 km long and compare the intrepid architecture of the skyscrapers of the two cities and decide which one you prefer.

Before getting back to Dubai, don’t forget to stop by Sir Bani Yas, 170 km South-West from Abu Dhabi. A natural pearl where you can do everything: kayak, safari where you can watch the local fauna, archery, horse riding tours and much more.

The extended cruise, a full immersion of experiences

With a few days more available, your cruise in the Middle East with focus in Dubai becomes a regenerating holiday and a cultural and natural immersion in a charming world to discover with curiosity and respect. Usually, the extended itinerary lasts 14 days and include the navigation to Doha – the modern capital of Qatar – and the Bahrein, the archipelago-state composed of 33 isles, which is unbelievable if you’re arriving from the sea.

With a cruise like this you get to know the beauty of these places and the time to enjoy unforgettable experiences. You will have a taste of the well-known hospitality of the local people, buy spice and handcrafts objects in the souks and spend some time in the biggest and richest malls in the world. In Oman you can choose your favorite excursions to explore the area: off-road tours in the desert, night-overs in oasis, visits of ancient mosques richly decorated. On the coast, a sea full of coral and a rich fauna, underwater immersions and photographic safaris. It’s not strange to find yourself swimming with dolphins and see whales in the distance.

Your holiday will be a mosaic of sensations, which the video below can perfectly express.