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MSC Seaview is coming up, what to know about the cruise of the future

On our website, the countdown has been activated in the wait for the launch of MSC Seaview, a new cruise experience with a vision for the future. Why so much attention?

On our website you can follow the countdown to the launch of MSC Seaview, the new liner looking towards the future. Why so much attention? Easy to guess! MSC Seaview is the twin ship of MSC Seaside launched last December. These two ships together give birth to the new Seaside class, a jump into a new idea of cruising, comfort and fun.
Find out what makes MSC Seaview unique, with a few advices from Taoticket’s staff in order to pick the best itineraries and get the best price booking in advance.

5 unforgettable things on board of MSC Seaview

1 – A huge design resort at sea

That’s how we like to describe MSC Seaview. Its design perfectly combines the inside with the external features. It is a majestic ship composed of 18 decks named after the best beaches in the world and can host up to 5.249 passengers. The areas are so wide and well-projected that the guests can enjoy their cruise never feeling in a crowded environment. They can actually live the ship in privacy and have fun making new friends while experiencing the direct contact with the sea.

2 – A long promenade on Sea with a glass balaustrade

The previews about the ship are all about a close contact with the sea. While walking on the beachfront promenade, you can definitely tell that they were actually right!
On deck 8 a promenade develops around the whole ship and it’s full of shops, bars, restaurants… with a view! Due to the glass balaustrade, you can enjoy the breathtaking spectacle of the deep blue below. This is such an exciting experience which is going to become a pleasant habit for those who thought they would miss long walks breathing the sea breeze.

3 – Cruise 2.0

Entertainment and fun activities are endless in order to meet the tastes of any kind of guests. By downloading the App MSC For Me on your smartphone, you can be daily updated on the shows and excursions, so you cannot miss anything! It’s actually more than a normal app, it’s a virtual personal assistant allowing you to organize your time and be always up to date. Thanks to the hi-tech structure of the ship, you will discover the hundreds digital access points, the interactive screens and the wired up cabins.

4 – To Entertainment

The spectacular atrium with ocean-view glass walls 4-floors wide is the main area of the live entertainment, where the protagonists of the live shows are obviously the artists of Cirque du Soleil.
You can also find endless restaurants, pools and solariums – make sure you don’t miss the amazing South Beach on the stern of the ship – the Chicco® and Lego® baby clubs, the aquapark with slides 160 meters long. The stops on land are long and the excursion program is wide, so that guests of any age can find the activity they prefer.

5- Luxury and personalized assistance

If you are looking for a luxury cruise, you can try the MSC Yacht Club, a private area with 24 hours concierge service, personal butler, wide design suites with ocean view and external hydro-massage bath tub. You can benefit from many exclusive privileges, gourmet restaurants and the MSC Aurea Spa with top-quality treatments.
An important innovation is the attention on finding the perfect solution for any kind of guest. Goodbye to pre-established cabins! Discover the flexible cabins, that can host up to 10 passengers.

Let’s go: MSC Seaview’s itineraries

Before you pick the destination, consider the benefits of the advance booking. On Taoticket you can get up to 35% discount on the standard rate. Also, don’t miss the promo, such as the “Prezzo Leggero”, which offers 50% discount on the second passenger. Contact our agents and ask them for an advice.

The cities of the Mediterranean Sea for dynamic travelers

MSC Seaview’s first summer and fall will be entirely dedicated to the cities of the Mediterranean Sea, with a new formula that combines art cities with a cutting-edge entertainment and the contact with the sea. One week cruises suitable for young people and curious travelers, with longer calls on land and a wider choice of excursions. The destinations are the most representative cities looking over the Mediterranean Sea such as Barcelona, Marseille, Genoa, Naples and also the warm cities of Messina and Malta.
A second route will be launched in 2019 and will see the Balearic Islands, Corsica and Cote d’Azur as well as the Italian art cities.

A Cruise in Brazil, ever thought about it?

From November, MSC Seaview is going to touch an uncommon destination: Brazil. You will be overwhelmed with landscapes, emotions, music and vitality! The 7-nights cruise is focused on the area close to Sao Paolo with departure from Santos port and reaching Rio de Janeiro and Salvador de Bahia. A full immersion in the most symbolic cities of Brazil which you can discover at best with the excursions of the company.
A suggestion: a transcontinental cruise deserves an extension on land. You can book flights and hotels in advance with the help of Taoticket’s staff and the get the most convenient rates, travelling whenever you want!

While waiting for the launch of MSC Seaview, enjoy a video of the launch ceremony of MSC Seaside, her twin ship!


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