The EXC in-Depth voyages cruises arrive, the Holland America Line Modern Explorer Tours

Cruises and adventures for enthusiastic travelers

Holland America Line enriches its catalogue of cruises with an absolute novelty dedicated to the lovers of the voyages like Discovery, adventure and cultural curiosity.
The reserves are open for the EXC In-Depth Voyages Cruises which, aboard the Maasdam boat, since September 2018 inaugurate a new opportunity for modern explorers.

I advise you to consult the Cruises program EXC in-Depth voyages si:

  • You’re looking for an exciting journey that has the oceans as a common thread
  • You are fascinated by cultures, traditions and virgin nature
  • You dream of Oceania, Asia and South America
  • You are looking for a trip to satisfy your cultural curiosity and live exciting and authentic experiences
  • You prefer unusual itineraries
  • You like to build your own itinerary

1-Rare Exclusive destinations

Holland America Line has carefully selected destinations to explore 3 continents.

The Maasdam boat will depart in September 2018 from Florida and travel to April 2019 without repeating twice the same route, between Central America, South America, the Pacific Islands, Polynesia, New Zealand, Australia, southeast Asia and the Indian Ocean.
This fascinating trip of 239 days can be divided between 12 cruises that last between 12 and 34 days with the route you like most: the Pacific crossing, New Zealand and Polynesia, Australia and the islands of Oceania, Indian Ocean. You can also extend the stays on board and gather more cruises.
To get an idea of the size of this trip, the ship will play 154 ports in 36 countries. 28 scales are brand new or locations not included in Holland America Line circuits for many years.
When you read the itineraries you will discover with pleasure that many ports are small and inaccessible for the big cruises. Using the Zodiac boats on board, you will go ashore to do small group excursions. At the same time, the cruise will play renowned cities and destinations such as Lima, Papetee, Auckland, Sydney, Bangkok, Hong Kong.

Our tip: If you dream of visiting the Pacific Islands This is a must-see opportunity to visit the Easter Island, the island of Pitcarin, Java, the Maldives, and the Marquesas Islands and Nuku Hiva in a single trip.

2-Experiences to cultivate your passion on board

If you don’t like crowded cruises and are going very fast, Holland America’s EXC in-Depth voyages cruises are the perfect trip for you.

The sailing time is characterized by a calendar of deep and varied activities that represent a fundamental part of the journey itself. You can satisfy your interests by choosing freely what topics to dedicate to each day: photography, marine biology and nature, art, culture and traditions, food, wine, history. To accompany you in this total immersion there will be experts and academics aboard. The topics will be related to the excursions, to experience directly what you have learned. For example, a photographic output will be an opportunity to test what you have learned in the Nature photography workshop. Knowing the history, religion, rituals and art of the Rapa Nui civilization will give your visit to Easter Island a more intense perspective.

Our tip: It is a very stimulating cruising style for curious people, travelers who want a total immersion in the places. In addition to deepening the disciplines you are passionate about, it is an opportunity to discover new interests and share them with other passengers.

3-exciting visits and adventures for each scale

Call excursion an EXC in-Depth voyages cruise from Holland America is reductive!

The field exploration program makes the eyes of every real traveler shine.

Some examples? A exploration tour of the Komodo National Park, on the probe islands in Indonesia, to safely see the famous Komodo dragons, detecting platypus in the company of a biologist in a typical Australian habitat swamp, kayaking in New Zealand , visit the ruins of archeological sites, discover the native meals in a market with a series of tastings. The Zodiac tours allow small groups accompanied by expert guides to enter the natural habitat without altering it, admiring their ecosystems.

Our advice: The excursions are designed for various levels of intensity and interest. You can choose water sports, visits to monuments, lunches with typical meals, natural explorations. There is no shortage of night stops in major cities such as Lima, Singapore or Bangkok and characteristic centers of French Polynesia, Tasmania, Cambodia and Vietnam to immerse in local life.

4-An adventure aboard the boat Maasdam

The Maasdam boat will be your home and comfortable base for your explorations. It is a medium boat with 10 roofs, with capacity for 1,258 passengers. Recently it has been renovated with large common spaces. You will fall in love with the characteristic style of furniture inspired by the period of the Dutch East Indies. In fact, Holland America Line is a historical company with more than 140 years of history that began with an activity of transport of cargo and transport of passengers from Holland. One of the symbols of the boat is the “totem” of Luciano Vistori, a monumental contemporary sculpture made with more than 2000 pieces of glass. It is not the only work of art on board: you will discover the others that give Maasdam the reputation of being a true floating museum.
For your stay you will have 5 restaurants, 12 bars, a cafe grill open at all hours, a SPA with thalassotherapy.

Our advice: If possible book a Cain with ocean view or balcony: It is worth admiring from the privacy of your room the atolls and the phases of approaching the ports.

5-Create the journey of your Dreams

The catalogue of Holland America’s EXC in-Depth voyages Cruises is not a series of outings but a long exploration trip on 3 continents and 2 oceans. You can choose the exit you prefer or gather more treats for an incredible return to the world.

Our advice: The booking is coming from everywhere, hurry to choose your cruise or contact the experts at Taoticket to help you in the reservation. Or if you prefer to book Online, an exclusive discount awaits you!

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