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Booking open for Costa Venezia and MSC Grandiosa on their launching season. Discover two unforgettable ships!

The quintessential of the Italian style is one more time innovator of the cruise scenario. It is now possible to book the launching season of two brand new jewels of the seas, Costa Venezia and MSC Grandiosa.
The two futuristic ships are the latest protagonists of the big fleets that Costa and MSC Cruises have been increasing, each of them with a unique style that characterizes them.
Discover with us the latest news on Costa Venezia and MSC Grandiosa and the benefits of the advanced booking!

The launching season, the dream trip of the cruise lovers

The inaugural cruise and the first season of a cruise ship are an important event that the cruise enthusiasts look forward to. Why? There are plenty of reasons! You get to travel on a brand new ship and be the first to discover untouched cabins, enjoy all the comforts on a ship that offers the best standards available with the best entertaining activities…
The inaugural cruise often follows an exceptional route and, even if they may stop ports you already know, the selection of excursions on land is totally innovative.

The companies offer special deals for the occasion and the attention of the cruise-lovers is focused on such departures. If you have in mind a special cruise for 2019/2020, we suggest to book asap, in order to get the best price and being able to choose the best accommodation. Our team can help you finding the best solution for you. If you also need a flight, we can do that for you!

Visit the Far East on cruise with Costa Venezia and get inspired by Marco Polo’s journeys

While at Fincantieri construction site they’re working hard to finish Costa Venezia, you can already book your cabin on the inaugural trip on the new Costa Cruises flagship.
Costa Venezia, as you may deduct from the name, is a homage to the unique charme of Venice, intended to fascinate the Asian public that put Venice at the top of their appreciation chart. The ship will be dedicated to the Chinese market, as well as her twin ship, which is still unknown.
The launching cruise will be in March 2019, when Costa Venezia will exit the construction site to set sail on the Adriatic Sea towards the Chinese Sea. It is a unique opportunity to experience a new kind of journey, different from any route you can find on the catalogue.

The navigation days will be 53 in total, from Trieste to Yokohama, Japan. A trip in the spirit of Marco Polo’s “The Million”, to be enjoyed in its entirety or in 3 combinable routes: from Trieste to Dubai (20 days), from Dubai to Singapore (18 days) and from Singapore to Yokohama (17 days).
Traces of history, art and culture including Croatia, Greece, Israel, Suez Canal, Jordan, Oman, Arab Emirates and also India, Malaysia, Sri Linka, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Japan. Each and every call is a chance to enjoy magic experiences on land and to plunge into the authentic spirit of the places you’re going to visit.
The stay on the ship will be totally original and, if you love Venice, you’ll feel like you’re staying in a luxury palace overlooking the Canal Grande. The ship itself is a hymn to Venice. The architecture and the gastronomic selection are typical from Venice and Italy in general, but you can also find an international menu as a homage of every call of the cruise, you can also shop the famous Venetian handicraft products and the most famous Italian brands.

The entertainment as well is incredible. On every cruise there is a special costume party inspired to Venice Carnival. On the launching cruise there will also be a Golden Party – inspired to gold yellow, the color that in China is a symbol of luck and prosperity.
During the year that separates us from the inauguration, we’ll let you know more about the interiors of this amazing ship that is going to have more than 2.100 cabins and host 5260 guests.
Meanwhile, you can book your cabin on our website and discover all the typologies of cabins and the best rates available.

Msc Grandiosa, the new Meraviglia-Plus class chooses the Mediterranean Sea

Msc Cruises is a volcano of innovation that keeps surprising all the cruise lovers. MSC Grandiosa will be the 5th futuristic ship to enrich MSC Cruises’ fleet in just 2 years and a half. Her launch will take place in November 2019 and represents the start of the Meraviglia-Plus class, which is going to increase the already high standard of the touristic offer.
The design of the ship is going to be super chic and refined. Currently, the company revealed a few news that make us impatient, take a look:

  • MSC Grandiosa is going to have the first floating art gallery. Yes, that’s right! It won’t just be a few sculpture in the hall, we’re talking about a permanent classic and contemporary art gallery that is going to offer an unusual entertainment on board
  • The Cirque du Soleil will be the star of the shows on board, with 2 performances. There will be 8 shows in total switching between the Meraviglia and the Meraviglia-Plus class. You can enjoy a live show from a privileged position without hurrying to get the tickets in time, in a theatre built ad hoc according to what the show needs to be perfect.
  • MSC Grandiosa is going to offer a more sustainable kind of cruise. The Meraviglia-Plus is the avant-garde of the environmental technology. It’s going to use EGCS systems (hybrid systems) and SCR-Catalysts for cleaning the drainage pipes, modern systems for the wastes and is focused on reducing the emissions of CO2 and the heat recovery as well as an innovative methodology for the processes of the waste water.

The inaugural season is going to be a homage to the Mediterranean life and to the roots of MSC Cruises, with a schedule of cruises on the western side of the Mediterranean Sea, perfect also in the winter season and renovated thanks to a new concept of life on board dedicated to the 6.000 guests. 7-nights cruises from Civitavecchia with calls in Palermo, Malta, Barcelona, Marseille and Genoa. A bouquet of cities and emotions becomes even more lively thanks to the wide selection of excursions, activities and longer stops on land.

The bookings open on March 19th 2018. The first two weeks you can book only if you are an MSC Voyager Club member. If you’re part of the club, you can choose your cabin in advance and you’ll get an additional 5% discount, besides the 5% for being a member. You can become a member if you’ve at least travelled once with MSC Cruises and have the access to the benefits for you. Ask our team and start the countdown for your dream cruise!

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