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Sales of the Silversea Expedition World Cruise 2021 are underway

Having an extra-luxury world tour on a cruise with unusual and extraordinary travel experiences and emotions. With Silversea Cruise`s “revolutionary” Expedition World Cruise 2021, you can make it come true. The company has opened the sales for this Uncharted World Tour cruise.

Silversea`s Silver Cloud will depart from Ushuaia, Argentina, on January 30, 2021, which is the most luxurious ice-class ship in the world. The cruise around the world will last 167 days and will touch 30 countries on 6 different continents, covering over 39 thousand nautical miles.

The Expedition World Cruise 2021 focuses on destinations, offering you with a collection of breathtaking experiences. Emotions already starting from Antarctica where passengers will reach the frozen continent by Zodiac. In the South Pacific, on the other hand, in Pitcairn the cruise passengers will meet the descendants of the mutineers of the mythical Bounty, after spending two days on Easter Island.

Once in French Polynesia , guests will swim with the sunshine in Bora Bora, explore the Aitutaki lagoon and discover a typical Samoan village; during the stopover at Pentecost Island there will also be a traditional land diving ceremony. Also aboard the Zodiac, cruise passengers can take part in the marine exploration of the Australian Kimberley region.

In Borneo of Malaysia, you can meet the orangutans in the rainforest. There is also an exploration behind the scenes of the archaeological site of Luxor, in Egypt, and the navigation of the Suez Canal.

There is so much history to discover during the Uncharted World Tour, in crossing countries like Greece, Albania, Tunisia and Spain. The cruise will then touch the ancient monastery of Mont St. Michel, the sites of the Normandy landings and some destinations in the United Kingdom. The concluding part of the Expedition World Cruise 2021 skirts the wonders of northern Europe like Iceland, Svalbard and North Cape in Norway before the flights.

With more than 60% of the destinations reachable by Zodiac, this cruise around the world will allow guests to immerse themselves in breathtaking natural environments and make exclusive cultural encounters.

Guests will be accompanied by exceptional guides and will also be able to participate in conferences and workshops with famous experts including Felicity Aston (a member of the British Empire, awarded with the Polar Medal, scientist and first woman to have crossed Antarctica alone) and Tim Severin (famous for his travels in the footsteps of St. Brandan the Navigator, Sinbad the Sailor, Jason and the Argonauts, Ulysses and Genghis Khan).

There are many special events that passengers can participate in.: the private dinner at Robert Louis Stevenson’s home in Apia, Samoa; the banquet on the Tower Bridge walkway in London; farewell to the Expedition World Cruise 2021, which will include a culinary experience in the Icelandic forest of Kjarnaskógur.

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