4th Adriatic Sea Forum to Be Held in Ancona for Two Days

The fourth Adriatic Sea Forum – cruise, ferry, sail & yacht conceived and organized by Risposte Turismo will be held on 30-31 May, 2019 in Ancona (the capital of the Marche region). Meanwhile, Central Adriatic Ports Authority is the partner of Risposte Turismo for this international travelling event dedicated to maritime tourism in the Adriatic. As a research and consulting company active in the tourist macro-industry, Risposte Turismo successfully held three sessions of the forum respectively in Trieste (Italy, 2013), Dubrovnik (Croatia, 2015) and Budva (Montenegro, 2017).

For over the years, the forum has become an important reference for the entire maritime tourism chain to discuss the development of maritime tourism in the Adriatic in the future, to facilitate the development of new joint projects and to create opportunities to have new contacts and networks for all operators in this field.

“For the countries bordering the Adriatic Sea, it is a resource of inestimable value and great potential even from the point of view of maritime tourism, a field to which the Adriatic Sea Forum is dedicated,” declares Francesco di Cesare, President of Risposte Turismo, “the forum provides the concerned parties, from large international groups to individual professionals, with a platform to promote the sharing of ideas and knowledge, facilitate the development of new common projects and strategies and create business network opportunities in shipping industry.

At the opening of the forum, there will be a preview presentation of 2019 Adriatic Sea Tourism Report edited by Risposte Turismo, including the analyzes in the flows, dimensions, nature and trends of maritime tourist movements (cruises, ferries, sails and motorboats) in the seven countries bordering the Adriatic since 2013. More than 200 participants will join the forum from shipping companies, shipping agents, port, airport terminals, tour operators, travel agents, boat dock, marinas, boat chartering companies, shipyards, public administrations and local tourism promotion consortia.

Many important personalities will animate the different moments of the forum, including Thomas Boardley, General Secretary CLIA Europe; Airam Díaz Pastor, President of Med Cruise; Rodolfo Giampieri, President of Central Adriatic Ports Authority; Ivana Jelinich, President of FIAVET; Evisi Kopliku, Coordinator of the Sustainable Tourism pillar of the EUSAIR strategy; Andreas Ntais, President of Igoumenitsa port; Ugo Patroni Griffi, President of Southern Adriaticthe Ports Authority; Kristijan Pavic, ACI Club; Roberto Perocchio, President of Assomarinas; Alessandra Priante, Head of International Relations Office of Ministry of Agricultural, Food, Forestry Policies and Tourism; Daniele Rossi, President of Assoporti and Antoni Tiò, President of Barcelona Clúster Nautic.

There will be more topics to be addressed including the sharing of choices and actions to accelerate the growth of the maritime tourism in Adriatic, the priorities of the intervention and investment identified by Adriatic Ports Authorities, the possibility in simultaneous pursuit of economic growth and environment protection, the situation & expectation of the Adriatic as a GigaYachts hot spot and the competitiveness of the ferries characterizing the cruise ship in the Adriatic in the near future.

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