Best Web Agency 2019

Taoticket Won “The Champions of the Sea” Prize Organized by Costa Cruises

Taoticket, the leading online cruise travel agency in Italy got Best Web Agency for the sales of Costa Cruises World Tour 2019/2021 during the 26th session The Champions of the Sea. This annual event organized by Costa Cruises is dedicated to their travel agencies and partners. There were around 1800 guests from all over 32 countries around the world invited for the event on board Costa Favolosa from 15 to 19, May. The commercial team of Costa Cruises joined this short trip from Savona to Barcelona with a stopover in Marseille. There were multiply arrangements for the trip, such as training, competition, analysis of the cruise market, shows and all kinds of entertainments.

The award ceremony took place in the theater of the ship on Thursday 16th. As representative of Taoticket, the System & Social Administrator Matteo Lorusso received the award.

The 2019 Champions of the Sea is created for the travel agents and involve them in a series of tailor-made initiatives based on their preferences together with the active participation by Costa management.

In addition to the award for the world cruise 2019/2021, the criterion for awarding the web agencies also depends on the turnover and the sales volume of passengers.

Many innovations were presented on board, including the Costa Next Joy, a new loyalty program to accumulate points for each cruise sold to get a prize from 100 different products on the catalog.

In the month preceding the departure of the cruise, the travel agents had been invited to express their preferences and opinions on some themes. The responses received were the starting point for building a series of activities that were then proposed to the agents on board and on the ground, the contents of the  “Costa meets Partners” plenary session and the main events related to fun and sharing.

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