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MSC for Me, the New Smart Features of MSC Grandiosa

The technology aboard the ships continues to exceed than ever, in order to guarantee a ever greater comfort to the guests. For this purpose, MSC Cruises has implemented new features of MSC for Me, the digital innovation program, on the new flagship MSC Grandiosa which will be christened on November 9.

MSC for Me is the multi-channel digital program that allows guests to interact with the ship and crew members at any time and in any place, to meet their needs and save time.

The company introduced the program on board MSC Meraviglia in 2017 and then extended it to four other ships, MSC SeasideMSC SeaviewMSC Splendida and MSC Bellissima by adding additional features to improve the experience of its guests. MSC Grandiosa will be the sixth smart cruise ship. On the new ship there will also be Zoe, the first virtual personal cruise assistant introduced in March for the first time aboard MSC Bellissima.

The new features of MSC for Me will be introduced this year including both the on-board and the pre-cruise experience: guests can plan everything they want to experience and experience before they even set foot on board.

MSC for Me: The Pre-Cruise Experience

Guests can take advantage of some of the app’s features even before boarding, from which to browse and select prepaid packages: drinks and specialty restaurant packages or shore excursions are available to be discovered and purchased in advance at the best prices.

Passengers can also start planning time on board by selecting, booking and adding experiences to their personal pre-cruise agenda, such as excursions, restaurant reservations or the Cirque du Soleil at Sea show and so on.

Finally, they can pre-register a credit card through the MSC for Me application before on cruise: one less thing to do when boarding.

MSC for Me, the Smart Features on Board 

Once on board, the Friends and Family Locator, a new paid service, allows friends and family to travel together and never get lost. Guests can choose to buy a special MSC for Me bracelet with low energy bluetooth technology and check where their traveling companions are at any time on the ship’s map in the MSC for Me app. The new feature is added to the Kids Locator service, introduced in 2017, through which parents can keep track of their children by monitoring their position.

Now there is also MSC for Me Chat, with which guests are able to exchange messages directly through the application, without needing to purchase an internet package. To start chatting, guests must scan the Qr code on a friend’s app.

The ” what to eat ” function has also been added to give guests the opportunity to learn about the ingredients or dishes not to be missed while cruising from one destination to another.

In addition to the innovations introduced this year, MSC for Me also offers: electronic check-ininteractive map on the app; real-time cruise planning, browsing through daily events, activities and highlights on the app, in-cabin TV and interactive screens throughout the ship; bracelets with NFC (near field communication) technology that connect guests to the ship’s services, so they can book services through interactive digital screens, open the cabin door and much more.

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