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Minicruises, one of the new travel trends

Cruise is often thought as a long journey to make people wonder if it is necessary to have a certain budget when considering about this type of holiday. The myth of the cruise expenses have already been dispelled: there are all kinds of itineraries for all budgets and interesting promotions offered by the shipping companies or the travel agencies.

But there is also another way to experience the cruise at a low cost and maybe test this type of trip. In fact, it is possible to choose the mini-cruise formula and thus combine the desire to leave for the sea with a reduced budget or with a few free days available.

Short cruises can last even just three days, a weekend, a ponte or a city ​​break. The mini-cruises are cruises in all respects and this for guests means being able to enjoy all the comforts of the ship and have all the services available.

The companies, especially MSC Cruises and Costa Cruises, offer many different mini-cruises in the Mediterranean, with ad hoc designed itineraries. Taoticket has a dedicated section on its portal updated in real time with the latest proposals.

Among the characteristics of mini-cruises, there is the ability to attract a young people with a low budget and who does not want to give up the holiday. On the ship, in fact, you will find discos, spas, theaters, swimming pools, bars and restaurants, entertainment, gym, sports activities and game rooms.

Not to mention the themed itineraries, especially for young people, with stops in the Ibiza (Spain) or Mykonos (in Greece) to enjoy the nightlife.

The itineraries are many and different in the Mediterranean, which allow you to visit and dock in different cities in three days, even in three different states.

MSC Cruises will dedicate a ship to mini-cruises

Given the success of the mini-cruises, MSC cruises has decided to dedicate a ship to these routes in the Mediterranean. They will be weekend cruises or a maximum of four days.

There will also be the possibility to book the ship exclusively for a celebration or, in the case of a company, for incentive trips or conventions. In addition to tailor-made requests, itineraries are provided for anyone who wants to do this type of experience which, among other things, is becoming increasingly popular among young people.

Only in 2019 MSC Cruises has a program of 36 mini-cruises, and requests from travelers are increasing.

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