Alaska cruises

Alaska Cruises

One of the best ways to immerse yourself in Alaska’s charm is to sail its waters aboard a cruise ship. And in fact more and more Italians choose to navigate the seas of the state to the extreme north of America.

The cruise allows you to better enjoy the beauty of the 49th US State, a border country, to cross its unspoiled nature and discover its glaciers.

Alaska is a frontier land that can be reached from the sea via Vancouver, leaving the coasts of Canada for navigation through the glacial waters that cross fjords and inlets.

Going further north, you will be immersed in natural parks and large glaciers, reaching Seward first and then continuing to Anchorage .

Alaska Cruises to the South East

One of the possible itineraries is the one that foresees the internal passage of Alaska, the south east area. There are many companies that offer the itineraries departing from Vancouver or Seattle, which usually last for seven nights.

Cross narrow rivers between high mountains alternating with navigation in the Pacific. It is a journey to discover the life of local communities and to explore national parks.

The most beautiful stops of these cruises in Alaska are Glacier Bay National Park, Hubbard Glacier, Misty Fjord, Juneau, Ketchikan, Skagway, Tracy Arm Fjord, Haines, Sitka.

This type of itinerary offers the possibility of trekking on the glaciers, helicopter excursions, fishing, discovering the gastronomy of this land.

Cruises in Alaska from North to South

A very suggestive itinerary is to go from north to south of Alaska. These are the cruises with fewer days of sailing and more time to stop in the country’s ports or in Glacier National Park, where you can find the Hubbard Glacier and Glacier Bay. Those who go on a cruise for a week will not miss the main attractions of Alaska.

Glacier Observation

Those who choose the cruises in Alaska do not want to miss the main attraction: the glaciers, which can be observed first from the bow of the ship. Passengers will be able to observe glacier tongue that dive into the sea and pieces that come off due to wind or heat during the summer. With this process, called childbirth, small islets of ice are generated where animals are often sheltered.

Among the glaciers that can be admired in Alaska, there is Glacier Bay, with its national park that extends for 3.3 million hectares: it is a network of inlets between ice channels that lead straight to the sea. Or the Hubbard Glacier, 76 miles long, the longest in Alaska. Or the Fjord College, where 16 glaciers rise, and the steep granite walls of Tracy Arm Fjord, a gigantic observation point southeast of Juneau.

There are many Alaskan cruises to choose from and Taoticket is a useful ally to get around the possible itineraries and shipping companies that sail the land of ice.

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