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Silversea introduces the new Grand Voyages cruise collection

Between the end of 2020 and 2021 Silversea launches the new Grand Voyages collection, which also includes three expedition cruise options. Grand Voyages are designed for travelers who prefer a more engaging travel experience and offer cruises that last up to 70 days, with more overnight stays, exclusive events and many life-defining experiences.

“Our Grand Voyages perfectly exemplify our commitment to traveling deeper to discover the world’s authentic beauty,” said Barbara Muckermann, Silversea’s Chief Marketing Officer. “You can sail completely around Australia for 51 days, cross the Arctic Circle and the ancient monuments of Egypt on a 64-day voyage, or step foot onto the frozen continent of Antarctica and swim in the tropical waters of Bora Bora on the same 52-day voyage. Each journey will unlock amazing experiences, events and destinations, and deliver them to guests in superlative comfort.”

These trips combine the luxury of sailing aboard intimate ships, exclusively equipped with suites, and itineraries in the most charming places of the world: from the Arctic and Antarctic to Australia, from South America to the Caribbean and the Mediterranean. Further, there will be stops in the most iconic ports in the world and visits to exotic destinations, away from the mainstream trails.

Grand Australia 2020

The first of the Grand Voyages is Grand Australia 2020, from 31 October to 20 December. This Sydney Round Trip touches 30 ports and 3 countries: Silver Muse will circumnavigate Australia, New Zealand and the islands of Indonesia, on a 51-days journey that matches modern metropolis and naturalistic paradises.

Among the experiences: the snorkeling in the Great Barrier Reef, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO; the view of the majestic Komodo dragons; crossing the glacial origin fjords of the Fiordland National Park in New Zealand; the discovery of sacred temples in the mystical paradise of Bali.

Furthermore, in Tasmania, Silversea guests will be able to learn about the truffle industry directly from a local farmer and experience tailor-made event at Burnie Truffle Farm.

Grand South America 2021

Another Grand Voyages is Grand South America 2021, from 7 January to 17 March. Starting from Fort Lauderdale, in the United States, for a round trip that reaches 37 ports and 20 countries. The brand new Silversea Silver Moon makes its first trip to South America with a 70-days circumnavigation between ports, cultures and breathtaking landscapes.

Highlights include the crossing of the Panama Canal, the cruise in the Chilean fjords, extended stays in the cities of Buenos Aires and Rio de Janeiro, and a visit to the Falkland Islands (seeking for penguin sightings). In the itinerary are included the Caribbean islands as well, including Barbados, Saint Lucia, Antigua, Puerto Rico.

There will also be two tailor-made events: in Montevideo, a winery tour and an authentic barbecue, after a 45-minute train transfer through the districts of the capital of Uruguay; in San Juan (Puerto Rico), the personalized experience in one of Casa Bacardi’s distilleries.

Grand Southern Expedition 2021

Silver Cloud’s Grand Southern Expedition 2021 leaves Ushuaia for a 52-days exploration (from January 30th to March 23rd) of Antarctic destinations, Chilean fjords, Easter Island and the exotic South Pacific islands. An itinerary along 26 ports and 8 countries, up to Lautoka (Fiji). It is the journey of contrasts: snow-capped mountains, icebergs and glaciers, then beaches and palm trees. Along the journey, guests can admire the enigmatic monoliths of Easter Island, meet the descendants of the Bounty mutineers, and experience many other adventures. In Apia, a private dinner is scheduled at the Robert Louis Stevenson’s house, which is today the most important historic building in Samoa.

Grand Tropical Expedition 2021

53 days on the Silver Cloud (March 23-May 14, 2021 from Lautoka – Fiji to Cochin – India and a total of 36 Ports and 9 Countries) across the South Pacific. Among the experiences during the itinerary: the beauty of Champagne Beach in Vanuatu; the companies of the divers who defy death on the island of Pentecost by jumping not in the water but to touch the ground; orangutans in their natural habitat in Gunung Leuser National Park – Indonesia.

Moreover, the Kimberley coast in Western Australia, with waterfalls, Aboriginal rock art and wilderness with crocodiles. For the guests of the Grand Tropical Expedition 2021, a tailor-made event is also planned: an exclusive evening at the China Club of Singapore, on the 52nd floor of the Capital Tower to enjoy the breathtaking view of the city-state.

Grand Northern Expedition 2021

Finally, Silver Cloud continues its Grand Voyages with Grand Northern Expedition 2021 – from Cochin – India to Tromsø – Norway, from May 14th to July 16th, on a 64-days trip, 47 ports and 15 countries – along ancient Asian routes and outposts of Western civilization.

Guests will discover the vestiges of the Egyptian temples of Luxor, the Roman amphitheater of Thysdrus in Tunisia and the sanctuary of Apollo in Delphi – Greece. The beaches of the Second World War in Normandy; they will walk on a stretch of the Camino de Santiago de Compostela route in Spain, reach the Mont Saint-Michel monastery in France and visit London. Then, the route to the naturalistic treasures of Norway.

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