MSC Swarowski cabin

The Swarovski cabin aboard MSC Bellissima

The luxury offers of cruise companies keeping grow, and here is the first crystal cabin in the world on board MSC Bellissima. The Swarovski staircase is an icon of MSC Cruises ships for years, so the new cabin will bring an extra touch of glamour to the company’s flagship.

The partnership between the two companies began in 2008 when were presented the first stairs made with crystals on board of MSC Fantasia. Since then, they have become a leading design element on eight ships of the fleet, actually including MSC Bellissima. Swarovski stairs are also the most photographed spot.

The new crystal cabin will be in the exclusive MSC Yacht Club area and will be recognized thanks to the door’s number made with Swarovski.

In the cabin each element has been carefully chosen to add a touch of elegance, finishing the design with 700thousand crystals also used to make the bedside tables, the sideboard and the coffee table.

The appliqués have been designed to offer splendid lighting. Even the walls have a touch of glamour, with pieces of art in coral and sparkling crystals.

Besides the new cabin and the 96 steps with more than 61thousand crystals, onboard were made other details with Swarovski crystals: such as the wallpaper with crystal details in the MSC Yacht Club and, at the Champagne Bar, an active panel lit by customized LEDs with 500thousand crystals per square meter.

The 16018 crystal cabin inside the Yacht Club, made in partnership with Swarovski and De Jorio Design, will be available from mid-November and will need to being booked well in advance. It will have the same price as the other cabins in the area.

In the MSC Yacht Club, guests can eat, drink, swim and sunbathe in a private club atmosphere, enjoying all the leisure opportunities offered by the ship. With 95 exclusive suites in the prestigious foredeck of the ship and a 24-hour butler and concierge service, the area is the perfect retreat for guests, to being pampered throughout the cruise.

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