MSC Grandiosa Degas Art Gallery

On MSC Grandiosa art goes on a cruise with Degas

MSC Grandiosa, which from the launch on November 9th, will be the new flagship of the MSC Cruises fleet will host onboard the interactive art exhibition “Degas Danse Dessin”: 26 original works by Edgar Degas on the study of dance will be on display; Degas, master of the French impressionism known above all for the representation of dancers. For the first time, a cruise ship will host an art exhibition with original works.

“In many destinations where our ships stop, it is possible to visit museums, art collections and places of culture. At MSC Crociere we want to go further and bring art directly on board, giving cruise passengers an experience unique and not repeatable elsewhere. It’s like this that we started the journey that led us to Edgar Degas, one of the most famous Impressionist painters and sculptors known for his works on young dancers, portrayed for the first time realistically not onstage, but in spontaneous poses before or after the ballet “said Leonardo Massa, country manager of MSC Cruises.

The exhibition will be set up at L’Atelier Bistro, in the heart of the inner promenade, with a specially designed interactive installation. The “Degas Danse Dessin” series consists of 26 sketches on the movement and dance studio and was previously exhibited in the majors’ international museums and galleries. Degas’ work contains the soul of a romantic Paris, which fits perfectly into the setting of the French Bistro aboard MSC Grandiosa. The exhibition will also offer an engaging experience for guests with five videos that run alongside the artworks to tell about Degas’ work and life in detail.

“Ships are no longer a mere means of transportation but are themselves a destination of the travel and it is mandatory for us to be able to give ever-richer experiences to those who choose MSC. The cruise passengers on board not only find fun, relaxation, swimming pools and karaoke but much more. The stay on the ship is a journey to discover new emotions, new places and new people. Our goal is to encourage cruise passengers to enrich their experiences not only with beautiful memories to keep forever but also with new knowledge that adds something to their personal culture” concluded Massa.

With this initiative, continues the operation of MSC of enriching the guests’ experience through innovative and unique elements that cannot be experienced elsewhere. This new proposal combines the world of art and technology to create a unique emotion exclusively for the guests of the company, bringing them closer to the world of art.

Many new features will be reserved by the new flagship MSC Grandiosa to cruise passengers, including other new entertainment for children and young people.

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