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“Costa Next Joy” is the new loyalty program for agencies of Costa Crociera

The debut of Costa Smeralda, which will be the new flagship of Costa Crociere, is upcoming and in the meantime, the company starts the Costa Next Joy, the loyalty program that involves all the partners and rewards their work.

The Costa Next Joy initiative was announced last May during “The Protagonists of the Sea” and is dedicated to travel agents: will be possible, by selling the cruises of the new Costa Smeralda, to accumulate points that will give access to exclusive prizes from a catalogue of over 122 products.

Until March 31, following the registration to the program and obtained the loyalty code, all travel agents will be able to access the catalogue of prizes, built by Costa with the partner Jakala. Then will only need book Costa Smeralda cruises departing between 30 November 2019 and 30 November 2020.

“We trust that agents will appreciate this initiative that rewards commitment and loyalty to our brand – explains Costa Crociere’s sales manager for Italy, Daniel Caprile – Costa Next Joy is a new model of engagement for Italian travel agencies, based on customization. The first stage will end on 31 March 2020 and will take place in the most important booking period of the year. Just one reservation will be enough to get prizes. We will continue, as always, to listen to our commercial partners and to meet needs and desires to better support them during all stages of sales.

Costa Next joy will also be a tribute to the new flagship Costa Smeralda, which from 30 November will starting her itineraries, sailing the Mediterranean sea and bringing with it the best of Italy. The ship is designed to amaze guests, thanks to the entertainment and food offerings, wine experiences, the latest technology and attention to the environment represented in the first instance by the fuel that feeds it (liquefied natural gas).

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