NCL Cruises 2020

From January 1st Ncl will eliminate disposable plastic bottles

The environmental protection commitment on the part of cruise companies are intensified and Norwegian Cruise Line (Ncl) plays an important role in sustainability. In fact, the shipping company has announced that thanks to the collaboration with the Just Goods company, it will be able to replace disposable plastic bottles on the entire fleet by 1 January 2020.

A short-term deadline, which however begins onboard the most modern of its ships: the new flagship Norwegian Encore, which will be launched in November and will not have disposable plastic bottles on board.

The water bottles will be in 100% recyclable carton or vegetable plastic.

As for sustainability, in 2018 Ncl had already eliminated the disposable plastic straws on the 16 ships of the fleet and also in its private destinations.

With this new Norwegian Cruise Line initiative, by the end of 2019, it will replace almost six million disposable plastic bottles per year.

This is a further step in the Sail & Sustain environmental sustainability program, conceived by the company with the aim of minimizing the trash to landfills, reducing Co2 emissions, increasing the sustainable energy supply and investing in emerging technologies.

Just Goods, the company with which Ncl has chosen to co-operate, has an innovative approach to the supply and packaging of water, which is based on an environmental impact model that considers the origin, the bottling methods and the place of packaging.

Carton and plastic packs of vegetable origin are 100% recyclable and made with 82% renewable resources from responsible sourcing. Just Goods collaborates with bottling plants such as Glenn Falls (New York), Ballymena (Northern Ireland) and Ballarat (Australia).

“We want to offer guests memorable experiences,” said Andy Stuart, president and chief executive officer of Ncl. “It is essential for us to take decisive measures to protect our oceans and the destinations we visit. The choice of eliminating disposable plastic bottles from our fleet is only the most recent example of a responsible environmental policy aimed at reducing the environmental impact and inspiring others to act to protect our natural resources “.

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