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Costa Smeralda show out in December for partners

The new flagship Costa Smeralda’s presentation is approaching. Costa Cruises has provided for its travel agents a program of events that will precede and follow the official departure of the ship’s first cruise, scheduled for 21 December 2019.

It starts with three meetings, designed for the agents to discover the ship in advance: December 18 in Barcelona, December 19 in Marseille and December 20 in Savona.

The Costa Crociere sales team will accompany the partners on Sensational Day Onboard: a 360 ° sensory experience of a ship designed to amaze and decline innovation in all its forms.

The exclusive tour will involve all five senses: the view, with the interiors inspired by the concept of “Italy’s finest”, the result of the creativity of Adam D. Tihanye and a team of four architecture studios. Chosen with 15 Made in Italy partners, the furnishings, fabrics and accessories will involve the touch; the Mediterranean scents and fragrances of Solemio Spa will involve the sense of smell. The shows offered simultaneously in different areas of the ship will cheer the hearing. Finally, the taste, with a delicious lunch on board to give a first taste of the gastronomic offer of Costa Smeralda.

After the three days of presentation there will be the first cruise on the Costa Smeralda, which will start on 21 December 2019 from Savona. The itinerary includes a week in the western Mediterranean with stopovers in Savona (Saturday), Marseille (Sunday), Barcelona (Monday), Palma de Mallorca (Tuesday), Civitavecchia (Thursday) and La Spezia (Friday).

For the summer of 2020, the one-week itinerary will be Savona (Saturday), Marseille (Sunday), Barcelona (Monday), Palma de Mallorca (Tuesday), Cagliari (Thursday) and Civitavecchia (Friday). During the winter 2020/21 Palermo will replace Cagliari.

“Costa Smeralda will be a real turning point not only for Costa, but for the entire cruise sector – said Massimo Brancaleoni, senior vice president of Worldwide Sales at Costa Crociere – It is a ship never seen before due to the level of innovation technology and for the vacation experience that it will offer. We want to involve all our partners in this adventure, through a program of events in different markets. We are certain that our new flagship will be able to exceed the expectations of both the new cruise passengers and the more experienced ones, opening up new prospects and opportunities for Costa and its partners ».

Moreover, from January to April 2020 the program will continue with a series of Sensational Cruise of 3 and 4 days, to let the partners fully experience the unique experience of Costa Smeralda.

The ship was designed with the idea of enhancing and bringing to life the best of Italy all in one location. In addition to the interiors, Italian design will be featured in the CoDe – Costa Design Museum, the first museum built on a cruise ship. And also, in the other areas: from Solemio Spa to the areas dedicated to entertainment; from thematic bars to the 16 restaurants and areas dedicated to the “food experience”. Travel agents will be able to learn about every aspect of the onboard offer from a privileged perspective, meeting with the managers on board and also visiting the “behind the scenes” of some areas.

Costa Smeralda is the first Costa Crociere ship to use liquefied natural gas (Lng), a fuel capacity of ensuring a low environmental impact, almost completely eliminating sulfur and particle oxide emissions and reducing emissions of nitrogen oxide and CO2.

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