Costa Cruises 2021/22

Costa Cruises, 2021-2022’s season sales open

Costa Crociere started sales for the itineraries from April 2021 to April 2022. Early booking is increasingly popular, in Italy as well.

Costa confirms the recent years’ most successful itineraries and introduces several new features in the programming, so as to reach new customers and the habitual ones.

The company enhances the offer on the Mediterranean and announces the novelty of winter 2021-2022: five Costa Luminosa’s cruises departing from Savona. The first and third, which will last 31 and 22 days, will become a real tour of the Mediterranean from west to east, from Spain to Turkey, with two-day stops in Haifa (Israel) and Istanbul (Turkey).

The second, of 14 days, during the Christmas season, will focus instead on France, with a stopover also in Corsica, Spain (Barcelona and Valencia), Malta and Greece. The fourth, 35 days, will pass the Columns of Hercules to visit, with long stops, Casablanca, the Canary Islands, Cape Verde, Madeira, the Azores and Lisbon. The last major cruise will last 44 days and will reach the Caribbean and New York, where the ship will stop for three days, before visiting Boston and returning to Europe.

Among the new destinations, Morocco will return regularly to Costa programming, already from spring 2021 with Costa Magica, with stops in Casablanca and Tangier, and in the autumn cruises of Costa Favolosa, with Casablanca.

From April to the end of October 2021 the new flagship Costa Smeralda will make a stop in Savona, Marseille, Barcelona, Palma de Mallorca, Palermo and Civitavecchia, while during the winter of 2021/22 it will debut in Dubai. The one-week itinerary is ideal for enjoying Dubai thanks to a two-day stopover, after visiting Abu Dhabi, Doha and Muscat.

Costa Pacifica is confirmed in Genoa, with one-week cruises that will focus on Spain, with Ibiza in the summer. In the spring and autumn, Costa Fortuna will offer mini cruises in the Mediterranean, ideal for novice cruise passengers.

Confirmation also on the eastern front with one-week itineraries in the Mediterranean from Venice and Bari.

In spring 2021 Costa Diadema will leave for one-week cruises in the western Mediterranean, which in autumn and winter will alternate with two-week cruises with two-day stops in Haifa (Israel) and Istanbul (Turkey). During the summer of 2021, the ship will instead strengthen its offer in Northern Europe (in total four ships) to discover Norwegian fjords, Iceland, the United Kingdom and Ireland, the North Cape and the Baltic city.

The 2022 World Tour aboard Costa Deliziosa will cross the Panama Canal to Ecuador, Peru, Chile and Easter Island, Polynesia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Japan, South Korea, China, Vietnam, India and the Mediterranean through the Suez passage.

For Christmas and New Year, there will be 10 and 11 days Costa Smeralda itineraries from Dubai, and a 10-day itinerary to the Caribbean of Costa Fortuna.

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