Costa- Crociere presenta Costa Venezia

Fincantieri’s shipyard building the new Costa Cruises ship “Costa Venezia”

Fincantieri is among the world’s biggest shipbuilding conglomerates, which in more than 200 years of oceanic history has assembled more than 7,000 vessels. In 1959, Fincantieri was founded to control and manage the many shipyards based in Italy. This time it operated as a State company. During the 90’s, it started operating in the cruise industry and manufactured the Crown Princess made for the Carnival Group as its first ship. It became a major conglomerate during this time when it focused on designing and building of naval ships, ferries as well as cruise ships. It is a world pioneer in voyage delivery development and a reference player in different divisions, from maritime vessels tojourney ships, from super yachts to uncommon high esteem included vessels, dispatch repairs, and changes.

Fincantieri is headquartered in Trieste, and the Group has an aggregate of almost 19,000 workers everywhere throughout the world. In Italy, it has 8 shipyards and two centers focused on the design of ships, in Trieste which is the biggest in Europe and in Genoa.


Fincantieri works in accordance to its Corporate Governance which contains the guidelines for this company. It observes fair competition with rival companies, with integrity, good faith, honesty caring for the needs and wants of its shareholders, workers, clients, and partners in the business. The management system for running the company is the primary one which includes a board of directors who are responsible for the management and the board of statutory auditors for control functions of this conglomerate.

An independent auditing company is hired for conducting the statutory audit. Important company decisions are made by the shareholders. These decisions include amending Bylaws, appointing a new management, and validating the yearly report. The directors pass some of their duties and powers to a select group containing the Chief Executive Officer and committees. The committees provide advice to the board on management.


Fincantieri works in the United States through its backup Fincantieri Marine Group or FMG. This organization, which serves both regular citizen and government clients, including the US. Navy force and Coast Guard, has three shipyards which are Marinette Marine, Ace Marine, Bay Shipbuilding) all situated in the Great Lakes Iocaton.

Fincantieri is available in the UAE with Etihad Ship Building, a joint wander set up constituting AI Fattan Ship Industries and Melara Middle East, to configure, create and offer distinctive sorts of the regular citizen and military ships and also perform upkeep and refitting exercises. Since 2002 Fincantieri has manufactured or has requested to assemble 104 boats, worth a sum of Euro 24,000,000,000, and has created many models in the different business sections in which it works. Fincantieri obtained VARD in January 2013. Because of this exchange, Fincantieri enhanced its aggressive position in the seaward business, getting to be plainly one of the main businesses in this part.

Fincantieri is the company Costa Cruises has commissioned to build the new Costa Venezia along with 10 new ships in a period of 10 years. This order cements the relationship between Fincantieri and Costa Cruises. Such business generates income for the economy of the European Union. This project will be a symbol of the ability of Italy to build excellent and awesome products, enhancing its position as a design and technology hub. This also improves the reputation of products made in Italy.

The ship Costa Venezia.

Costa Venezia is named after the city of Venice in Italy. This vessel is the primary Vista-class transport particularly planned and constructed for China. This vessel weighs 135,500 tonnes and will include passenger cabins to the count of 2116 and a total of 5260 travelers. Travelers can submerge themselves in a multi-tangible outing including Venetian nourishment, craftsmanship, music, and diversion. Guests will enjoy an onboard form of the Carnival of Venice, a well-known celebration commemorating Venice’s detailed veils. This ship will be inaugurated via a world voyage after it is built. This voyage will start in Trieste in Italy and will be destined to Shanghai. During this trip, this ship will pass by different nations such as Greece, UAE, Israel, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Japan. This will be to follow Marco Polo’s acclaimed travels from Italy to China. The ship will depart from Italy at around March 2019.

The entry of Costa Venezia into the Asian ships in 2019 will be trailed by an extra ship in 2020, which will likewise be exceptionally intended for Chinese customers. Costa Cruises happens to be the main universal voyage organization to enter China(2006). The vessel’s coin ceremony was conducted on the 1st of November 2017.

This event took place at the Fincantieri shipyard in Monfalcone close to Trieste in Italy. Two new Costa liners were planned for conveyance. ln 2019, Costa Venezia, and in 2020 its sister ship will be constructed but has yet to be named. Both will be built by the Italian shipbuilder Fincantieri. The outline of the ship includes more productive utilization of both indoor and open-deck spaces, with a few multi-useful territories. The movement or Lido deck highlights water stop with a water slide, high-rope yard and also include a mini golf playground.

The pool deck is secured with retractable rooftop made of glass. The Beach Club which only allows grown-ups is underneath the glass rooftop and highlights waterslides, a swimming pool, a rock climbing area, and a sports deck range. This deck additionally has a goliath LED divider for films and other outside video amusement. The ship has devoted club lounges for teenagers and children. The ship’s all-encompassing glass lifts additionally interface the open air ranges. This ship also includes a glass-bottomed skywalk, a gigantic wellness complex with Organic Spa establishments and Fitness centers, a Plaza with various bars and shops, Atrium Lobby Lounge which has a stage for entertainers, and a show Theater. It is unarguable that this ship’s design is meticulous and dynamic aimed at providing the best travel experience for its passengers.

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