Discover the secrets of a super technologic ship – MSC Bellissima

MSC Bellissima’s launch is about one year away and we can’t wait to show you what makes the last MSC Cruises’ jewel the ship of the future.
Technology is changing the cruise ships and innovation itself helps travelers with the highest comfort and new experiences and it allows you to be always connected and updated. For the Millennials, such changes are important in order to enjoy a modern holiday, but at the same time even the less telematics travelers can get used to a holiday with an eye to the future.

The first virtual assistant on a cruise ship

MSC Bellissima is a ship designed to incorporate technology, which will be protagonist of each and every moment of your cruise, making it richer and get closer to your desires.
On this ship the first ever virtual personal assistant will be available, but what does it mean? The virtual assistant is an example of artificial intelligence, able to interact with the guests and understand, according to their answers, what their preferences are and hence give them better suggestions. It is also able to learn and change its answers.
The virtual assistant can provide quick answers to many questions about the experience on board such as events, entertainment, updates about the cruise. It can also broadcast your favorite music in your cabin and it speaks 7 languages: English, French, Italian, Spanish, German, Brazilian Portuguese and Mandarin Chinese.

The virtual assistant is something more innovative than the apps or the icloud programs. It is an integrated technology with the ship itself and it can work in any moment. The project has been developed in association with Harman International, a company supervised by Samsung Electronics, Microsoft Google, Deloitte Digitale and Hewlett Packard Enterprise, involving 11 companies specialized in the fields of the digital, vocal and behavioral technologies.
A revolutionary system is on its way, and it’s going to rule the school.
MSC Cruises is going to introduce it on all the future ships as well as on the current fleet, which will will be adjusted with a wide investment program.

The MSC for ME app, another excellence on MSC Bellissima

The virtual assistant is the last evolution of MSC for ME, the digital platform connecting the guests with an avant-garde technology and with the MSC for me app, launched in 2017 on MSC Meraviglia.
The free app allows the guests to communicate with the crew and with the ship itself, book the excursions, the table at dinner and receive info and advices on what to do on board, find the fastest way through the interactive maps and be able to know where your family and children are.
The experience starts even before the departure. You can book the excursions directly on the app and complete the web check-in to get your tickets in time. Through the app you can create your own personal schedule with your preferences, the timetables, the films you want to see and so on.

We have tried ourselves MSC for ME and that’s what we liked the most: the facial identification, which allows the crew to memorize your preferences and welcome you at best and the interactive bracelet, which keeps you connected to the ship and localizes you. In such a big space and with so many decks it is important to know where your friends and children are, while you’re relaxing by the pool.

We also liked the app for sharing your moments with your family and friends. Most people enjoy social networks, we love to capture our experiences and share them with the world. You can create your Emotional Photo Gallery, a visual story of your trip while you’re living and share your pics and your comments.

The numbers of a ship of the future

MSC for ME is an app that offers the best thanks to a highly equipped and interactive ship. The investment in technology are unbelievable. Thanks to the app and the interactive bracelet you can enter a new dimension of traveling. On board there is also is a capillary net of communication, here are the details
• 114 interactive screens
• 244 informative screens
• 81 Videowalls
• 700 access points
• 1200 close-circuit TVs
• 3.050 iBeacons transmitters for Apple devices
• All the 2244 cabins are equipped with a wireless door

Not only technology… all the services available on board for your holiday MSC Bellissima offers the best cruise experience to 5.714 guests.
The attractions and the most spectacular areas are:
The close promenade developed on two decks, the Gallery, covered with a 80 meters LED video-ceiling and full of shops, cafes and restaurants.
• The Carousel Lounge, the endless hall (it’s more than 1.000 squared meters) developed on two decks and designed to host the original shows of the Cirque du Soleil for MSC Cruise. You can have a drink, dinner or enjoy a night at the disco.
• The theater with West-End style shows every night
• 10 restaurants and 20 bars, to try all the culinary styles. Fresh sushi at the Kaito Sushi Bar, Asian specialties with open kitchens at the Kaito Teppanyaki, grilled meat and steaks at The Butcher’s Cut and an authentic Italian lunch at Eataly, ambassador of the Italian gastronomic excellence.
• Market Street, a gallery dedicated to street food
• Suites with jacuzzi on the balcony
DOREMI Tech Lab, a lab for children that love technology
• A Grand Canyon- theme Acquapark

I guess you’re a little curious, too, right? Discover all the itineraries and the promos for MSC Bellissima with Taoticket. The launching cruise will be in March 2019 with the first hyper-connected cruise with virtual assistant on the Western Mediterranean Sea. You can book this cruise with departure from Italy, France, Spain and Malta.
In fall MSC Bellissima will move to the Middle East, with routes to the Arab Emirates, Oman, Qatar and Jordan.

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  1. We have booked a cruise on Bellissima from Genoa on 2nd June. Keen to book speciality restaurants, excursions etc. Can this be done prior to app being available? Do you have a date for MSC for me app becoming available for Bellissima?

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