Best Performer World Cruise 2018

Best Performer World Cruise 2018 Awarded to Taoticket from MSC Cruise

Taoticket’s 2018 ends with a new and important recognition. The Genoa-based  company owned by Nicola Lorusso has registered over 15 thousand cruise this year for providing convenient online booking through the portal Taoticket for over 161 thousand active passengers. This Italian company has reached another milestone.

This November, during All-Stars of the Sea organized by MSC Cruises and conducted by the MSC Italy Country Manager Leonardo Massa and Commercial Director Luca Valentini, Taoticket, as a multiple winner of Italian “Best Web Agency”, got the prize as “Best Performer World Cruise” which is the latest award category.

The award ceremony took place on the board of MSC Fantasia, which is on the threshold of 10 years since the launch date, with two-day itinerary from Civitavecchia to La Spezia, and then to Genoa.

“MSC Cruises and Taoticket have by now a consolidated and long-term relationship. Nicola for me is not only a colleague but also a friend. I can compare notes about new ideas and strategies with him,” Leonardo Massa said, “I appreciate him being a little out of the box and this, in my opinion, allows him to grasp the opportunity before the other courageous and often innovative challenges in a sector with constant evolvement. Probably for this reason Taoticket has been succeeded in making its portal grow under his operation until it has become an important point of reference in the cruise sector in Italy.”

14 sessions of All-Stars of the Sea has been held till this year and it is also the first year dedicated only to the Italian market. The company has chosen and awarded its “stars” among agencies, suppliers and main partners.

In addition to the prize awarded to Taoticket, other awards were presented as follows: Best Pre-Paid Producer to Montesacro Viaggi in Rome; Career Achievement to Enrico Fanaro; Best MSC Yacht Club Producer to Sciamanin Viaggi; Best Network to Uvet; three Best Tour Operators awarded to Oltremare, I Viaggi del Delfino and Ideas for Traveling; three Best Online Agents to Crocierissime, Cruiseline and Fersina Viaggi; three Best Group Producers to Ruffo Viaggi, P&R Eventi and Vacanze, Pachamama; three Best FIT Producers to Living and Traveling Pisa, Group Intown and Zampino Viaggi.

The category that Taoticket was awarded refers to a product proposed for the first time by MSC Cruises. “What will set off on January 5th 2019 is the first MSC World Cruise; we believe that Taoticket is the agency that has made the best use of the new product,” explained MSC Online Travel Agency Sales Manager Nello Prudente, “Both in terms of performance and communication, they managed to carry out immediately on the World Cruise which is the novelty among the products. It is not just a question of numbers but also approach. It is clearly a more difficult product to sell and they have achieved an excellent result.”

Prudente, again regarding the Italian market, added, “They are also excellent sellers of the Yacht Club product who is very strong in promoting quality products. This year we have chosen to reward them in a new category that we believe is an even more significant recognition than the previous ones.”

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