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Taoticket, MSC cruises at cost price in June

For those in search of the ideal cruise, for those who want to organize a vacation with the family, there is an event not to be missed.

The online agency Taoticket presents a special promotion for the month of June 2019 and offers the opportunity of a cost-price cruise to discover the Mediterranean and its most beautiful destinations.

Bellissima, Lirica, Divina, Musica, Opera, Magnifica, Seaview and Fantasia are the ships with different itineraries and all of great charm of MSC Cruise that will sail in the Mediterranean sea. And they are also the units with the active promotion that allow you to book your cruise for June 2019 at cost price, with discounts up to 50% and subject to availability.

Italy, Malta, Spain, France, Greece, Croatia, Albania and Montenegro are all the available destinations that you can choose. Take advantage of the central position of our country and set off on the cruises in the eastern and western Mediterranean.

June is a perfect time to enjoy the sea and visit the cities with pleasant temperatures which is not too hot. Above all, there is no problem of over-tourism or overcrowding in the high season.

Taoticket also offers the chance to navigate with MSC Bellissimaa few weeks after the first launch , the new flagship of the fleet, to discover all the news and the pluses aboard. The routes of the MSC Bellissima cruise in June at cost price via the online agency portal are from the port of Genoa, Naples or Messina to Valletta, Barcelona and Marseille. With one of the mentioned route, you will discover the ship at the forefront of technology for passengers` comfort and with excellent partnerships in the world of gastronomy signed with Raymond Blanc, one of the best chefs in the world, to have Michelin-starred menus available in restaurants on board. Meanwhile, you will experience Zoe which is the first virtual flight attendant in the cruise field, together with two new and exclusive Cirque du Soleil at Sea shows, as well as many other new features.

And it is only one of the seven MSC Cruises ships among which you can choose – considering dates and itineraries – for your cruise in the summer months.

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