MSC Cruises Launches the #oltreilviaggio Promotion

Summer 2020 is closer than we think. Especially when you want to book a travel by cruise, you can still have all the possibilities to alternate and plan the vacation of your dreams. The secret to have all the choices available is the advanced booking and MSC Cruises proposal #oltreilviaggio. To those who want to forestall, #oltreilviaggio is not only a new promotion for summer 2020, which is valid for the booking by 15 July 2019.

As the name suggests, #oltreilviaggio reflects the journey goes beyond the product, beyond the ship and even beyond the itinerary. MSC Cruises would like to offer the guests an experience that goes beyond the cruise for a fulfilled dream and an indelible memory.

For this reason, it presents a concept of vacation that goes beyond navigation: #oltreilviaggio. It actually has the ambition to become a stimulus for people to take time for themselves, to travel immediately with imagination and be able to dream in advance of the expected encounter with the sea.

Those who choose this promo will have, included in the cruise, a visit of the ship before departure and a free photo package to remember the best moments on board.

And then even packing your bags can become a story to tell. The cruise passengers will bring the memory on the return in the luggage with an experience to relive for many years.

With #oltreilviaggio, an extended travel experience is created which includes a very special ‘first’ and ‘after’. And the shipping company announces that even in the future this vision will characterize MSC Cruises’ way of being.

As for the first, as we said, anyone who purchases a cruise with the #oltreilviaggio promotion is entitled, by reservation, to a day aboard one of the ships. It is therefore a real vacation preview for guests.

With regards to the later, this time the journey does not end with the landing and the customers bring their memories with them, through a gift from MSC Cruises: a photo package that they will find already preloaded on their cruise card.

For more information, there is also the dedicated page of Taoticket.

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