Costa Firenze

New Flagship Costa Firenze Shall Enter China Market Next Year

Costa Firenze and Costa Venezia are the first ships of the Italian company designed specifically for the China market, which represents a sign of the growing attention to this area. The world of cruises is going through a significant expansion in recent years, while, the margins for development are still wide. Comparing with traditional markets, explore the potential markets is more promising.

Costa Firenze is a ship of 135,500 gross tons with the capacity of over 5,200 guests, which is under construction at the Fincantieri plant in Marghera.

The creation concept of the new ship is the same as that of Costa Venezia to focus on the art and history of Italian cities. It is inspired by the city of Florence, which is the cradle of the Renaissance and centuries of history and culture. During the travel on Costa Firenze cruise, along with families and friends, the guests will be able to fully immerse themselves in Italian beauty and style, which will take shape in various aspects of life on board, from interior design to cuisine, from entertainment to hospitality.

There is a reproduction of David sculpted by Michelangelo that decorates one of the ship’s main rooms. You can find the decorative style of Florence city and the Tuscan countryside all over the ship.

Moreover, like the twin Costa Venezia, Costa Firenze will propose a series of innovations designed specifically for the China market, where the Italian company first entered in 2006, which will bring cruise passengers to the discovery of Made in Italy in its various expressions.

“Costa Venezia and Costa Firenze are proof of Costa Cruises’s long-term commitment to developing the China market”, said Mario Zanetti, general manager of Costa Group Asia, “Costa aims to bring the beauty of the Italian lifestyle to Chinese guests and offer them an authentic Italian vacation experience. Together with Costa Venezia, the arrival of Costa Firenze will contribute to strengthening the growth of the Chinese cruise industry “.

Reservations for Costa Firenze are already open

Before positioning in Asia, Costa Firenze will be kept in the Mediterranean for the entire month of October 2020, in order to offer the possibility for all Costa customers in Europe and in the world to live a unique experience aboard the new ship. Cruise bookings are open: 5 itineraries from 5 to 7 days and a 51-day cruise to China. The first itinerary of Costa Firenze will start on October 1, 2020 from Trieste to Savona, reaching Bari, Barcelona and Marseille. On the Taoticket portal, you can find all the itineraries of this new unit in details.

On October 8, 2020, the ship will leave from Savona for a short cruise to Barcelona and Marseille. On 12, 19 and 26 of October, 2020 Costa Firenze will depart from Savona for 3 one-week cruises that include Naples (Civitavecchia for the October 19 cruise), Messina (Palermo for the October 19 cruise), Valencia, Barcelona and Marseille.

The last cruise available will be the one of positioning in China: a 51-day itinerary, which will start from Savona on November 2, 2020 and will end in Hong Kong on December 22, 2020. During the journey we will discover different cultures, landscapes and flavors. From the Mediterranean, the ship will arrive in Dubai, through the Suez Canal and the Red Sea, touching Naples, Messina, Greece, Israel, Jordan and Oman. From Dubai and Abu Dhabi, futuristic cities built in the middle of the desert, we will then move to India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia and Malaysia. The last part of the cruise will be dedicated to the Far East: Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam and finally China. The whole itinerary can also be divided into three different sections, Savona-Dubai (19 days), Dubai-Singapore (20 days) and Singapore-Hong Kong (14 days), which can be combined together.

“Given the success achieved by the inaugural cruise of Costa Venezia, we decided to keep Costa Firenze in the Mediterranean for a whole month before its positioning in Asia,” said Neil Palomba, general manager of Costa Cruises, “Costa Firenze is part of a expansion plan of the Group which includes 7 new ships to be delivered by 2023, for an investment of over 6 billion euros. The next ship to enter service, in October 2019, will be Costa Smeralda, a tribute to the best of Italy and to our excellence.”

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